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Month: April 2016

5 mobility challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders

EducationSummary: For the modern IT leader, the rise of mobility offers advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it opens the door to near limitless possibilities. On the other hand, it brings some significant challenges that must be addressed in order to capitalize on the advantages of mobility. In this article, we outline some of the biggest challenges, and offer some tips to address each one.

Webinar Replay: Automate your business processes without coding

EducationSummary: Every day, employees at businesses across the globe waste precious time completing tasks that could (and should) be automated. The problem is, automating these business processes requires custom business rule logic–a task that requires manual coding. Business users often wait weeks or months for IT to produce the custom business logic they require to automate their manual processes. If you face this problem, check out this webinar replay to learn how you can create these business rules in hours or days–without coding!

5 important web application security trends of the near future

EducationSummary: As security breaches rise, enterprise web application security is an increasingly important topic. You must stay ahead of evolving security trends in order to keep your data and applications safe. How will web application security evolve in the coming year? What web application security threats can we expect in the near future? In this article, we explore web application security trends of the near future and explain why they’re important.

9 tips for building business applications that users actually use

EducationSummary: For many organizations, user adoption is a big problem. Developers spend months building applications that the users requested, only to see low adoption rates upon completion. How can your business can address this problem? How can developers deliver business applications that users actually use? In this article, we explore 9 tips for improving user adoption.

5 (more) important IT trends of 2016 and beyond

EducationSummary: Evolving technology and growing data volumes bring major changes to the IT department. In this era, the IT department moves from a “keep-the-lights-on” mentality into a true business driver. What trends are driving this change, and how must your IT department adapt? In the second part of our two-part article on IT trends, we examine 5 more trends to watch in the near future.