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Month: September 2016

The danger of departmental silos (and one way to fix it)

EducationSummary: More than ever, data plays a critical role in the success of your business. Your ability to turn your data into meaningful management information and make it easily accessible across your organization can easily be a competitive advantage. The problem is, data still lives in silos across many businesses. Learn more about this problem, and one way to address it.

Webinar Replay: Create custom reporting over your enterprise system

EducationSummary: Enterprise systems (like ERPs) pose something of a “Catch-22.” If you don’t customize the system, it won’t perfectly fit your needs. If you do customize it, you’re locked into that system. If you’re facing this challenge, check out this webinar replay and learn how one company delivered custom reporting over their ERP system–without altering the system at all.

5 common enterprise mobile app misconceptions (part 2)

EducationSummary: As mobile apps take off in the business world, companies face a problem: Misconceptions still surround mobile app development. Many businesses venture into mobile app development with false beliefs…that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this article, we learn about 5 more common misconceptions and how to avoid them.