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Learn how one company cut their development process from weeks to hours

EducationSummary: Is your current application development process expensive or time-consuming? Would you like to greatly reduce your current development process and give your current employees the tools they need to develop web apps in-house? Learn how one company accomplished all that (and more)!

ComPair Data faced a common problem: They relied on outside developers for application development.

Why is this a problem?

New application development was both expensive and time-consuming.

To make matters worse, this process not only wasted money–it required a significant time investment from ComPair. New development projects hinged on effective communication with their developers. They had to make sure the developers understood what they needed, and where the data lived in the database. Miscommunication resulted in development delays.

The result: It would often take weeks to develop new web applications.

What did they do? They found a way to bring their development in-house. ComPair Data gave their current staff the tools they needed to create web applications themselves. The result:

  • They lowered development costs
  • They reduced their development process from weeks to hours
  • They reduced turnaround times on customer requests–leading to increased customer satisfaction.

The end result: In the time they formerly spent communicating requirements and changes to outside developers, they can now build most applications themselves.

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  1. Great article. !! Looking at the rate of growth of mobile apps, it is clear that having a mobile presence is no longer a “nice-to-have” service; it is an “absolute must.” Consumers who are short on time find mobile apps to be a convenient way to get things done

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