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Webinar Replay: Automate your business processes without coding

EducationSummary: Every day, employees at businesses across the globe waste precious time completing tasks that could (and should) be automated. The problem is, automating these business processes requires custom business rule logic–a task that requires manual coding. Business users often wait weeks or months for IT to produce the custom business logic they require to automate their manual processes. If you face this problem, check out this webinar replay to learn how you can create these business rules in hours or days–without coding!

In this webinar replay, attendees learn how m-Power’s Business Rules Designer helps them:

  • Save time: Create and change business rules in hours or minutes—not days or weeks.
  • Improve business agility: m-Power’s business rule designer eliminates lengthy development cycles—helping you quickly automate business processes and keep pace with change.
  • Enable self-service: Develop and deploy business rules without the need for traditional programming.

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