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Month: November 2016

5 technologies that CIOs can’t ignore in 2017

EducationSummary: As technology evolves, it plays an increasingly important role on the business world. More than ever, the modern CIO must stay ahead of the ever-changing technology curve, and understand how new technologies might affect their business. What technologies could have the biggest impact on the business world in the coming year? In this article, we explore a few such technologies that the modern CIO cannot afford to ignore.

Webinar Replay: Automate your business processes without coding

EducationSummary: Every day, employees at businesses across the globe waste precious time completing tasks that could (and should) be automated. The problem is, automating these business processes requires custom business rule logic–a task that requires manual coding. Business users often wait weeks or months for IT to produce the custom business logic they require to automate their manual processes. If you face this problem, check out this webinar replay to learn how you can create these business rules in hours or days–without coding!

4 more questions to ask before building a mobile business app (part 2)

EducationSummary: As businesses rush to build mobile apps, they often dive into the project without proper planning, or without an adequate understanding of their mobile app options. As you might imagine, this causes problems. It produces the wrong type of mobile app, or mobile apps that the company doesn’t really need–wasting time and money in the process. In this article, we cover the next few questions you should ask before creating your mobile business app.

Tied to an outdated enterprise system (like an ERP)? Watch this…

EducationSummary: Enterprise systems pose something of a “Catch-22.” If you don’t customize the system, it won’t perfectly fit your needs. If you do customize it, you’re locked into that system. Watch this short video to learn how to avoid these problems and customize your enterprise system without locking your company down.

Can you really build a shopping cart in 10 minutes?

EducationSummary: Would you like to add online ordering capabilities to your current systems? Would you like to learn how to create custom shopping carts that integrate with your existing ERP system, and work across any device (PC/tablet/smartphone)? A project like this typically requires 3-12 months, depending on the company and complexity. But, what if you could do it in 10 minutes?