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Month: April 2023

Low-codephobia: should business be afraid of new technology?

** This guest post was written by Steward Copper. Learn more about Steward in the author bio at the end of this post. **

Low-code development has been an undoubted business trend in recent years. Though the demand for low-code solutions is showing a stable growth, 23% of businesses that are not using low-code express fear of mismanagement when handing the IT-connected processes to citizen developers, according to a Capterra survey. So is low-code as scary as it is painted? Business experts share their vision.

What are the most common low-code use cases?

Low-code development usage is growing fast. According to Gartner, the low-code market will grow 20% this year. They expect it to grow even more next year.

But, you’ve probably heard these stats a thousand times. The low-code market has grown steadily for years. No one will argue that point.

The bigger (and more important) questions: We know that adoption is on the rise, but…how are these businesses using low-code? What are the practical use cases? What can you build with low-code?