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15 incredibly useful (free) MS tools for IT pros

ProductivityThe tech world is dominated with news of smartphones, tablets, and apps, but the elephant in the room goes largely unnoticed. While Microsoft seems to be the company everyone loves to hate, most people still use Windows. In fact, Windows still has a whopping 86% market share among operating systems. The next closest “competitor”: Apple, with 7.25% of the market (10% if you count iOS). Continue reading

70 great open source software replacements

Save MoneyLove it or hate it, free and open-source software provides many businesses with viable alternatives to their paid counterparts. But, is it right for your business? Here are two questions to consider:

1. Do we have the time? Free software usually requires a much larger time commitment, for one big reason: There’s no support. If any problems arise, you’ll have to fix them all by yourself. This can eat up a lot of time over the years. Continue reading

Unaffordable free software

Save MoneyA wise man once said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” When it comes to software, some might argue with that statement. After all, we have more free software options today than ever before.

But is it really free?

Yes and no. From a purely monetary standpoint, yes, some software is really free. But generally speaking, with free and open source software, what you save in money, you pay in other areas. Here are a couple of the most common ways we pay for free and open source software: Continue reading

75 popular open source desktop downloads

Save MoneyThink open source software isn’t for the enterprise? Think again. There is more great open source software available to businesses now than ever before. I just ran across a great list of 75 popular open source desktop downloads on Datamation.com. Even better yet, many of them could replace expensive corporate software in your office.

However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the only benefit of open source is free software. Open source is not only a smart business move, it is something you should carefully consider when making software purchases. Continue reading

How much does free really cost?

Save MoneyThe web is changing perceptions about what should be free. Companies are giving away software for seemingly nothing. Some of it actually looks like good, quality software. But…is it really free? What does “free” actually cost? Answer: A lot more than you might think. Let me explain.

While “free” products may not cost money upfront, you typically end up paying in one of these three forms: Continue reading