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Web application development platform

8 questions to ask before developing applications on the cloud

EducationSummary: It’s a growing trend in the business world: More application development is moving to the cloud. More developers are opting for cloud-based development platforms, and more businesses are moving their application development off-site and onto a cloud host. The problem is, many make the move without understanding how the cloud changes development. In this article, we explore a few of these changes and outline important questions to ask before making the move.

Webinar Replay: Cut your web application development time in half

EducationSummary: Is your current application development process expensive or time-consuming? Would you like to reduce your current development process and give your current employees the tools they need to develop web apps in-house? Join us for this webina rto learn how!

m-Power: The modern CIO’s trump card

ProductivityThe modern Chief Information Officer (CIO) faces a daunting task. Gone are the days of simply supporting the business. Gone are the days of hard-to-use technology that’s controlled solely by the IT department.

These days, the expectations placed on the IT department are at an all time-high. CEOs and business executives now demand more business value from the IT department. Tech-savvy end users now bring personal devices and consumer applications into the workplace. All the while, technology continually evolves at a quickening pace.

These days, the modern CIO faces a growing list of challenges. For instance–while their challenges vary by company–most modern-day CIOs must:

4 common myths of web application development platforms

EducationToday, let’s address a current trend that’s been building steam over the past few years: The increased use of web application development platforms.

Why are web applications development platforms becoming more popular? Because they address many of the growing issues surrounding CIOs and IT leaders these days. For instance, development platforms help CIOs and IT leaders…

  • Automate the development of mobile web applications that work across all devices and platforms.
  • Give end users the self-service options they require while giving IT full control over the data and user access.
  • Bring the most up-to-date and cutting edge development skills to their current staff.

However, while all of those advantages sound great, there’s a problem that make some businesses shy away: Many developers and IT leaders hold a misguided view of web application development platforms. Some confuse them with code generators. Others think of them as IDEs. Worse yet, others make assumptions about development platforms based on their own bad experiences with past code generators or IDEs. For example, many (falsely) believe one or all of these development platform myths: