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Month: May 2024

Video: Create web-based reports over a Snowflake database

Snowflake is a popular data platform and data warehouse. It provides a cloud-based, relational database that businesses use to store structured and semi-structured data. Snowflake is known for offering data access at near-infinite scale, and is often used to store massive data sets.

The big question: If you use Snowflake, what are you doing with all of your data? Are you using this data to gain a clear view of your business and make informed decisions? Do you have an easy way to quickly create reports and dashboards over your data tables?

After all, what good is your data if you don’t use it?

The good news: Creating reports over your Snowflake data tables is simple! We just released a new video demo that shows how easily you can create reports, BI applications, and dashboards over your data. In just 5 minutes, we take you step-by-step through the whole process of creating a report over a Snowflake database table using m-Power. You can find the video below:

Want to see m-Power working over your data? Set up a custom demo here: m-Power Demo.

How to create a database front-end in 5 minutes


What is a database front-end? As a basic definition, it’s a web interface that lets users access, modify, delete, or add data to a database table. They’re simple enough for non-technical users to work with, and typically includes role-based security to limit which users can make database changes. A business might use a database front-end to:

  • Let employees maintain customer data
  • Manage and schedule shipments
  • Maintain product data
  • Manage customer order history
  • Reduce dependence on spreadsheets
  • And much, much more…

In short, it lets you manage data in your database with a user-friendly, web interface.

The big question: How quickly can you create front-ends over your database? I believe the answer to that question should be measured in minutes, and we just created a new video to show you how it’s done. The following video walks you through a start-to-finish process used to create a front-end over any relational database…in just 5 minutes. You might be surprised to learn just how simple this process is.

Want to try it for yourself? Set up an m-Power Test Drive.