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Webinar Replay: How to simplify self-service reporting

EducationSummary: In many organizations, end user reporting runs through a single department or individual. They must build and customize the reports for end users—many of which want their reports customized in different ways. The problem: These customizations waste time. The report author often gets bogged down with countless change requests from end users—which delays the reporting process and hurts efficiency across the entire organization. If your business struggles with this issue, this webinar replay will show you how to simplify the self-service reporting process.

Self-Service Business Intelligence 101: Understanding the Basics

EducationSummary: As data volumes explode, more and more businesses are realizing that traditional BI practices are less effective. We’re seeing a shift in Business Intelligence–away from an IT-driven process towards a self-service approach. But, while the need for self-service BI is growing, it’s still surrounded by a fair amount of confusion. The concept of “self-service BI” means widely different things to different people. In this article, we explain the basics of self-service, and the pros/cons it delivers to businesses.