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How to modernize a legacy application in 5 minutes

developmentLegacy modernization. It’s such a daunting task. You must take your outdated (but functional) applications and turn them into modern web applications…without disrupting the business at all.

On top of that, many legacy applications have been in use for decades. They’ve likely been maintained and altered by different employees over the years…each with their own way of doing things. The result: Legacy applications are often a jumbled mess of spaghetti code.

Once you look at the challenges of modernization, it’s no wonder why so many organizations put it off.

The good news: There’s an easy way to modernize, using the “extend-and-surround” approach. This modernization method delivers a few huge advantages:

  • It’s fast: You’ll have modern applications faster than you thought possible.
  • It doesn’t touch the legacy applications: There’s no need to alter your existing applications, or even touch them at all. But, it still lets you include custom business logic from your legacy applications if needed.
  • There’s no business disruption: Because you’re not changing your legacy applications, you don’t need to worry about breaking anything or disrupting the business.
  • You can use your existing skills: You don’t need to be a web developer to create modern versions of your legacy applications. You can use the skills you already have in-house.

Want to see this modernization approach in action? We created a video that walks you through the modernization process for a simple legacy application. The best part: You’ll see the whole process in just 5 minutes! You can watch the video here:

Do you want to see a solution like this in your company? Setup an m-Power demo here.

How to turn a character-based program into a web application

EducationSummary: Is your company still using those outdated character based programs? If so, here’s a short video you’ll want to watch. It explains the limitations of character based programs, a couple of different approaches to modernizing those programs, and even walks you through the process of turning a character based program into a modern web app. All that in under 3 minutes!

6 major risks of ignoring legacy modernization

EducationSummary: Many organizations still run their business on legacy applications and systems. They don’t modernize these applications because of the risk and expense associated with modernization. But, could ignoring modernization be an even riskier choice? In this article, you’ll learn 6 major risks your business takes by postponing or ignoring legacy modernization.