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Giving non-finance users access to financial data

Would you like to provide secure, user-based access to your corporate financial data? Would you like to make your financial reports accessible on any device–while ensuring that each user can only access the data they’re authorized to see?

Or, would you like to move your data out of spreadsheets, and turn it into secure, database-driven web apps? It’s possible–and easier than you think.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Provide secure user-based access to divisional Profit & Loss statements and other reports
  • Turn spreadsheet data into database-driven web applications
  • Give users quick access to data from any device

Links to demo applications shared in the webinar:

Finance Portal: This demo finance portal contains a variety of financial reports (like pivot tables, YTD sales, profitability, etc...), along with a budgeting application.

KPI Dashboard: This user-defined dashboard lets users customize the data, layout, and overall look and feel of the application.

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