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Practical uses of jQuery

jQuery is the most popular, open-source Javascript library available today. With its simple syntax, large community, and widely available plugins, jQuery is the simplest way to add powerful Javascript features to your web site or apps.

How can jQuery improve your applications?

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Learn why jQuery is so useful
  • Learn what types of features jQuery can bring to your applications
  • Walk through some demo applications that highlight practical uses of jQuery

Demo applications that use jQuery:

Web Scheduling (drag and drop): This demo calendar displays order shipping dates for a fictional bike company. Using a drag-and-drop jQuery plugin, users can drag an order to a new date to reassign that order in the database.

Product Update (Date Picker): This demo application lets users update product details. Using a jQuery date-picker plugin on one field, users can easily select the latest product revision date.

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