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Present system data on maps without programming

Would you like to display your system data on maps for your users? For instance, you could:

  • Show a rep a map of customers in his area
  • Show store locations where a product is in stock
  • Display heat-intensity maps by region

That's just the tip of the iceberg!

This webinar will help explain how easy it is to deliver data via maps, working in real-time from your core systems. We will show how in just a few minutes you can turn your data into rich map-based web applications, all without programming.

Links to demo applications shared in the webinar:

Google Maps Application: This demo application plots product data on a map. The user can filter by country, product type, and product number.

Drag-and-drop application: Maintain order-truck assignments: This demo lets the user update truck assignments in the database using drag and drop. Once updated, the application automatically refreshes the map.

Role-Based Interactive Map: This demo application illustrates sales numbers as an interactive heat-map. Try logging in as a different user to view different regions.

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