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Deliver custom, self-service reporting over your ERP system

While enterprise systems (like ERPs) help organizations run their business operations, many of these systems come with a common problem: Reporting. Specifically, they don’t provide reporting options that fit every company’s exact needs.

The bigger problem: Customizing the system to meet a company’s exact needs is expensive and time-consuming. To make matters worse, it locks the company into that software version. If they ever wanted to upgrade to a newer version, they would need to redo all of their customizations.

The big question: How can they deliver custom reporting without altering the system?

To answer that question, watch this replay of our joint webinar with Melitta USA. In this webinar, Melitta's IT Director explains how they:

  • Delivered custom, self-service reporting over their (Friedman Frontier) ERP system
  • Eliminated their reporting backlog
  • Provided external access to reports via a secure portal

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