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Build custom web reports over Optimum HRIS

Optimum Solutions has partnered with mrc, creators of the m-Power Development Platform. In this webinar replay, you'll learn how this partnership can improve your data access and reporting over Optimum HRIS.

Used by Optimum clients like ERMCO and Showplace Wood Products, m-Power lets anyone create applications without programming. You can build web reports, user portals, dashboards, and more over your Optimum data.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Create custom reports in minutes: Build customized web reports and dashboards over any aspect of your Optimum data. Reports include features like sorting, filtering, drill-downs, interactive charts/graphs, and mobile access.
  • Reduce your workload with a reporting portal: Do users come to you for reporting? Eliminate those reporting requests with a reporting portal—a secure area where users can access reports when needed (without bothering you).
  • Automate report distribution: Do you manually distribute reports to users? m-Power will automatically email reports to the correct users on a schedule, or based on an event.

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