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How to convert spreadsheets into web apps

Described as "the most dangerous software on the planet," spreadsheets pose major risks to businesses. How? When businesses misuse spreadsheets (which happens on a daily basis), they open the door for expensive mistakes–often creating 6 – 7 figure losses.

However, many companies aren’t aware of these risks, or that they’re even misusing spreadsheets in the first place.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The dangers of spreadsheet overuse
  • The advantages of moving your spreadsheets to the web
  • How to convert a spreadsheet into a web app in minutes

Links to demo applications shared in the webinar:

Multi-tenant security demo: This demo illustrates how multi-tenant security lets different users access the same app, yet only view the data they are authorized to view.

Database web app: This demo application is the type of app we built in the webinar using the spreadsheet data. It lets users sort, filter, edit, delete, and add new records.

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